Say Aloha-mora to Christmassy treats

So now I’ve fallen fully into the Harry Potter badger hole (repping my hufflepuff buds), it’s now opened a whole new world of merchandising. Christmas is 122 days away (!!) and it’s been revealed that Boots, the high street pharmacy and beauty goods shop, are teaming up and bringing out a new Advent Calendar for 2019. I know they have done beauty products in the past, and I also know Harry Potter advent calendars aren’t anything new, but this is about me now so this is what we’re doing.

Contained behind the little doors of Pottery goodness there are such delights as the returning super cool Golden Snitch bath bomb, for those times you want to sneak in to the Prefect’s bathroom, and have yourself a toasty soak. They have been pretty tight lipped about what’s included, but it seems that nail varnishes and an eye mask are must haves so definitely expect them! Every little window will be like your own room of requirement.

The rise of the beauty advent calendar a few years back means you can spend upwards of £175 for the coveted luxury Balmain release, but this spellbinding collection will only set you back £35. It truly is the most magical time of the year!

Its definitely on my wish list, is it on yours?

Edit: I called it alohamora because you open doors like an advent calendar and it’s aloha like hello…its a multi-layered pun, like an onion…a punion

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