lastpostI think the films coming out went a long way in helping a reader-character friendship that everyone felt when reading the series. It was even more personable to see a person playing those kids that you’ve grown up with. Probably a bit weird too! Strangely enough, even though I have actually seen the major actors in all the films, there were some characters I would still imagine as other people. I never make it a habit of casting people I recognise in my head, but as I knew it was already a film franchise, I couldn’t help it. Alan Rickman doesn’t strike me as the immediate description of Snape, but he’s such a good actor my brain kept him the same. Gary Oldman, what a hero! I’d have cast him as every character, but I got feedback that that would have made it quite confusing, so they were probably right not to do that. For some strange reason every time Professor McGonagall spoke, Michelle Gomez (head Bad Education, Gatekeeper Dr Who) came into my head, and I’m afraid my Harry Potter was always Freddie Highmore (Charlie Bucket in Tim Burton’s Chocolate Factory). Given that he was only 8 when the first film was made, they probably cast the right one there too. Just as well I work in a Library and not on a casting couch cause whoo boy we would have problems. I’d never seen two people in my head so vividly before though and I was quite shocked, especially as they are very famously played by two very different people. I’m totally swept up in everything Potter from here on in and have many plans for my Hogwarts future. I made a Pottermore account before I’d ever read the books and got sorted into Slytherin. I read some of the books made a Pottermore account and got sorted into Gryffindor, read all the books and guess what? Those pesky Slytherin’s. When will these similarities between me and Harry end? Probably there actually. Despite all this confusing evidence and inconsistent housing, I think I should be in Ravenclaw because dark blue and black look much better on me. Maybe that statement is vain and Slytherin like, but I don’t know because we hardly ever learnt anything about any other houses! What a gip. The films, the studio tour, the theatre show, the list is literally endless. I have pictures in my head of me at 80 years old trying to finish this bloody series. Will they ever give us a break? We can joke but seriously, I’m so glad I started doing this, and hopefully I am 80 and till trying to finish this bloody series! It might just be magic and make believe, but as a wise old man once said, “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

Oh yeah, and Draco Malfoy’s a poo-head!

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